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The demands of the pharmaceutical profession are changing professionally. With the current brain drain in Nigeria due to the “japa” syndrome, an increase in the experience of poor health outcomes due to inequality or lack of access to medications, medical information, and health-care services is rampant. Hence there is a crucial need to reposition pharmaceutical care within the healthcare space. This can be done identification of the right structure, identity of service providers, technical skills, and technology. This will pave a way for increased access of patients to healthcare through the pharmaceutical service arms such as the community and hospital pharmacies. Increase in utilization of skilled Pharmacists as health care first respondents will bridge the gap in access to health information especially where availability of other medical personnels is deficient. Sustaining the present health care systems and improving patient outcomes can be achieved when academia and practice merge to ensure seamless implementation of research results.  Market and technology disruptors are challenging the traditional service delivery and funding model which could impact the practice and sustainability of Pharmacy. This also brings new opportunities for Pharmacy practice via provision of services, these include point of care tests for Malaria, typhoid, and HIV, immunization for children and for adults above the age of 65 years to mention a few. This can be effectively used for larger implementation within the healthcare systems when the right structure, skills and technology are utilized by pharmacists and properly documented. Supporting the Pharmacy profession by developing a vision for the future of pharmacy which recognizes and incorporates emerging disruptions, will help pharmacists identify opportunities to take advantage of these changes.

This current issue consists of 18 research papers authored by researchers within Nigeria and in the diaspora. The published works features a paper on Pharmacists-led diabetes care in Nigeria (2000-2022): A systematic review which is in tandem with identification of sustainable health systems and how pharmacist are showing relevance in these spaces; Translational Herbal Medicines Availability: A Necessity to Ensure Medicine Security in Nigeria; Bacteriological Evaluation Of Nigerian Currency Notes From Selected Handlers In Ilesha Metropolis Of Osun State, Nigeria; a novel research on the Protective Effect of hydroethanolic extract of Datura metel leaves against Nicotine induced toxicity in albino rats amongst others.

Many thanks from us, goes to the authors and reviewers who have contributed and supported the journal up to date. Please enjoy Volume 57 (1), March/April issue 2023 of PSNNJP and follow website of the journal for news.

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Dr. Margaret ILOMUANYA (B.Pharm. PhD)
Editor in Chief

Published: 2023-03-30

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