Vol. 52 No. 1 (2018): Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy

There were several considerations leading up to this edition of the journal, chief of which is how to present the different parts making up this unique edition. It was in aim to ensure that the journal truly lives up to its billing as the official organ of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, the foremost association of healthcare professionals.

In production since 1961, the Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy (NJP) has successfully become the most iconic print of science and society news in Nigeria. With contributions from the Academia, hospital pharmacy practice, community pharmacy practice, industrial pharmacy practice, public health pharmacy practice and other technical specialties, it remains a rich resource for the state of the art and science of Pharmacy practice in Nigeria.

In continuing with this tradition, it was important to x-ray current realities in the profession- policy and funding of health by the government. First, we considered the governments policy on cough syrups containing codeine and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigerias response (including the underlying philosophy). Secondly, we take a critical look at the funding of health budgets and the options available for Pharmacists to strengthen the value chain, while ensuring quality is built into the process.

We have sought to document the experiences of pharmacists in Nigeria. All of the documented experiences are aspirational and we can all learn from them. More significantly, they help us prepare to begin filling some of the objectives raised in the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) document- Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals in 2016.

This edition makes a bold step into considering the all-important concept of the Pharmacists Patient Care Plan and its applications in patient care, with a case study to root. We were also able to bring to you one of the first responses to the 71st World Health Assembly held 21 - 26th may, 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The research section is filled with original research, from natural chemistry to regulatory science and drug development. We have submissions from the wide array of the pharmacy specialties. It promises to be a useful resource for those interested in new methods and applications.

These and many more make up the fantastic piece in your hand. We look forward to your reviews and letters to the editor.


Editor In Chief

Published: 2021-12-26