Knowledge and Attitude towards Diabetes Mellitus among Residents of Igbo-Ora, a Rural Community in South-Western Nigeria

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Ifeoluwa O. Adetona
Patricia U. Ogbo
Bolajoko A. Aina


Background: Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder that has permeated every nation of the world with about 451 million people living with it.There is poor awareness among the public about the extent to which diabetes is dilapidating to health and the available interventions for prevention. Knowledge is a critical component of behavioural change and being knowledgeable of various aspects of a disease is the first step for primary prevention and a better attitude towards the disease. This study aimed to assess the knowledge and attitude towards diabetes mellitus among residents oflgbo-ora, a rural community in Oyo State, Southwest Nigeria.

Methods: The study was a descriptive cross-sectional survey, conducted in Igbo-Ora among adults, 18 years and above using an interviewer-administered questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed to 344 respondents. Data were analyzed using the Epi info statistical software version 7.1.

Results: Overall, about 57% of the respondents had good knowledge about the symptoms, risk factors and complications associated with diabetes mellitus. The majority (83.7%) of the respondents knew that excessive urination is one of the symptoms. However, less than half of the respondents were aware that obesity (41.3%) and lack of physical activity (39.24%) are major risks factors. The majority (73.3%) of the respondents had a positive attitude toward diabetes mellitus prevention and control.

Conclusion: This study showed that more than half of the respondents had good knowledge about diabetes and a greater population had positive attitude towards prevention of the disease.

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O. Adetona, I. ., U. Ogbo, P. ., & A. Aina, B. . (2019). Knowledge and Attitude towards Diabetes Mellitus among Residents of Igbo-Ora, a Rural Community in South-Western Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 53(2). Retrieved from
Author Biographies

Ifeoluwa O. Adetona, Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Biopharmacy,

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lagos

Patricia U. Ogbo, Precious Pharmacy,

114 Awolowo Avenue, Omida Ibara, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Bolajoko A. Aina, Department of Clinical pharmacy & Biopharmacy,

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lagos, Nigeria


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