Vol. 50 No. 1 (2016): Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy

A year after elections in Nigeria, changes have continued in the country. Some are/have been easy while others are not so easy.

In the same vein, the baton has changed in some positions in PSN NEC including the President, Deputy Presidents (North and South), Assistant National Secretary, National Publicity Secretary, Unofficial members and of course, the Immediate Past President. The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy joins all pharmacists to welcome all the newly elected officers on board. Truly, as Men of Honour, We Join Hands.

Original research section is still waxing strong. This is a very important component of the Journal. Other segments of the Journal are also well represented including Viewpoint which enjoins us to be profession minded. Healthy living segment is on the DASH diet which can be a diet for everyone and not just the hypertensives or pre-hypertensives.

Enjoy reading.

Editor in Chief

Published: 2021-12-24