Vol. 51 No. 2 (2017): Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy

How time flies!

The baton changed from one Editor in Chief to another 3 years ago. And just like that, three years have flown past in the twinkle of an eye. The baton is changing again from one Editor in Chief to another this year.

The baton is also changing for some other positions in NEC along with the Editor in Chief such as the National Secretary, National Treasurer and the Internal Auditor.

I, however, welcome you as usual to sit back and enjoy the conference edition of your journal with the Cover story of Discussions on Technology and Digitalization in Pharmacy. It promises to open your eyes to how your practice can be enhanced.

Original research section is not left out as usual.

The journal is still forging ahead with its production on Viewpoint which may be the last for this season. Viewpoint this time around is on Blaze of Glory as the current writer wants to leave in a blaze of glory, calling it a day for the series.

The Editorial team has been wonderful particularly the Chairman, Prof Cyril Usifoh FPSN. Nice working with all of you. Thank you for giving ideas and suggestions to move the journal forward.

I wish to thank the reviewers who have helped in reviewing various manuscripts without any compensation. You have really proven to me you are Men of Honour who have joined hands with me for the success of this journal.

The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy is now online, www.psnnjp.com. The June edition is online as well as all the editions under my editorship in the newer archive while this conference edition will be seen as the current edition though hard copies are available at the Conference as well. Work is ongoing to make older editions available in the archives as well and very soon all original and review articles, as well as short communication (cameos) will be available online as scanned pdf copies of the Journal itself. This brings us a significant step closer to proper indexing and ranking of our Journal.

Permit me to use this medium to gratefully thank NEC and all pharmacists via the AGM for the confidence reposed in me to serve as the Editor in Chief of the Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy. I have learnt a lot about the intricacies of this profession and my eyes have been opened to the need for effective collaboration across the profession. I am most grateful.

Enjoy reading.

Editor in Chief

Published: 2021-12-26