Drug Abuse and Self Medication Scenario in Nigeria .

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J. F. Eniojukan
B. A. Aina
A. A. Alo


Drug abuse has always been a problem in Nigeria. From the early sixties when drugs of abuse, mainly cannabis was brought into the country by soidiers returning from war, till now when various other chemicai substances - heroin, LSD, Cocaine, Amphetamine,
and volatile solvents to mention a few have entered into the scene. However, in Nigeria, there isn't enough research work done on drug abuse and self-medication. Most publications come from abroad.

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Eniojukan , J. F., Aina , B. A., & Alo, A. A. (2000). Drug Abuse and Self Medication Scenario in Nigeria . The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 31(3). Retrieved from https://psnnjp.org/index.php/home/article/view/257
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J. F. Eniojukan , School Of Pharmacy, Cmul, Idi-Araba, Lagos