Vol. 53 No. 1 (2019): Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy

In production since 1961, the Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy (NJP) has successfully become the most iconic print of science and society news in Nigeria. With contributions from the Academia, hospital pharmacy practice, community pharmacy practice, industrial pharmacy practice, public health pharmacy practice and other technical specialties, it remains a rich resource for the state of the art and science of Pharmacy practice in Nigeria.

One significant event since the last edition has been the change in governance of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN). These changes however internal, have tremendous impact on the practice of the profession of pharmacy in Nigeria and ultimately on access to pharmaceutical products and services to the Nigerian people. Responsible for leading the pharmaceutical profession, the President of the PSN is also the chief advocate for access to qualitative medicines in Nigeria. Acknowledged as an important stakeholder in the entire pharmaceutical value chain (and increasingly for consumables in health), healthcare service delivery value chain and an economic power house, the PSN is represented by its President in determining the policy direction for the government of Nigeria, in the best interest of Nigerians. This policy direction is pontificated to in the speech delivered by the newly elected President of the PSN, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, OFR, MON, NPOM, FPSN.

Also in keeping with tradition, we have presented a number of original research work. From investigations of natural products for pharmacological action, to exploration of new drug delivery systems that promise improved biopharmaceutical performance. Our researchers have contributed a varying array representing research excellence from pharmaceutical science disciplines that will spur your creativity and inspire a new world.

Importantly, we take a look at Management excellence. A qualitative exploration of a management consultant in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

These and many more make up the fantastic piece in your hand. We look forward to your reviews and letters to the editor.

Editor In Chief

Published: 2022-01-08