Cocoa-Pod-Husk Cellulose As Directly Compressible Diluents

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M. O. Odusote
E. J. Ocheme
K. A. Ogbeche


To conserve foreign exchange for this country, there is a need to look inwards for raw materials for the industries. This study conceived using cocoa-pod-husk powders as tablet diluents and disintegrants. The physico-chemical properties of the powders were compared with maize starch B. and microcrystalline cellulose. The powders were compressed and the tablets evaluated. The crushing strength of the tablets made with the cocoa-pod powders as fillers in both direct compression and wet granulation methods compared favourably  well with those of microcrystalline cellulose. Friability result was least with the cocoa-pod powders and highest with the maize starch powder.

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Odusote , M. O., Ocheme , E. J., & Ogbeche, K. A. (2004). Cocoa-Pod-Husk Cellulose As Directly Compressible Diluents. The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 35(2). Retrieved from