A Pharmaclst'S Guide To Evidence-Based Practice: A Path To Improved Professionalism

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Ismail Ayinla Suleiman


The incorporation of Evidence-Based Practice in all areas of pharmacy practice is no longer new in developed countries but less so for most developing countries including Nigeria. The need for continuously improved efficiency is the basic necessity for this concept. Therefore, every decision, action and even recommendation is to be based an best current research evidence. Embracing it and being actively involved becomes very paramount for any progressive pharmacist. This review article seeks to discuss how
Pharmacists can be guided in this emerging frame-work of evidenceebased practice. What the concept implies and its status around the world is highlighted.

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Suleiman, I. A. (2004). A Pharmaclst’S Guide To Evidence-Based Practice: A Path To Improved Professionalism. The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 36(1). Retrieved from https://psnnjp.org/index.php/home/article/view/407
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Ismail Ayinla Suleiman, Department Of Clinical Pharmacy And Biopharmacy, Faculty Of Pharmacy, Olabisi Onabano University, Sagamu