The Concept Of Drug Addiction


  • A. E. Joda Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, (College of Mcdidne Campus), University of Iagos, IDIARABA.
  • F. B. Onaneye Dental Department, Gmeral Hospital, Ikorodu, Lagos.


Drug Addiction, Drug Dependence, Drug Problems


The article was written to serve as a basic write-up on drug addiction for use in the development of other studies by interested researchers.  It started with an introduction defining relevant terms as well as elucidating the general principles involved in addiction. lt then went on to highlight the social environment and impact of drug use and the populations at greatest risk of
abuse as well as the common names for some drugs of abuse. This was Followed by methods of estimating drug abuse before finally itemizing the diagnostic classifications. The article concluded with the characteristics of drug dependence and the classifications based on these characteristics.

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Author Biography

F. B. Onaneye, Dental Department, Gmeral Hospital, Ikorodu, Lagos.




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