Microbiological Hazards Associated With The Use Polythene Bags As Food Containers

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E. U. Mendie
L. O. Egwari


Polythene bags commonly called nylon bags in Nigeria are trequenily used by traders and product manufacturers to pack edible products most at which require no further treatment betore consumption. These products include bread, tried groundnut, powdered melon, water, powdered milk,cocoa beverage, etc. Polythene bags are relatively cheap and altordable even by the petty traders. Moreover, their transparent nature gives the buyers an apparent security and assurance at the content against adulteration. However, the problem oi microbial contamination which may arise from its use as a primary toad container with its attendant microbiological hazards warranted our interest in this proiect. More so, when one considers the level at cleanliness and personal hygiene normally exhibited by the calibre at  individuals using nylon bags in Nigeria, then our objective at evaluating the contamination potentials at these bags in line with commonly in-use habits becomes highly desirable.

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