Prevalence and correlates of burnout among pharmacists in varying areas of practice in South East Nigeria

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Deborah Oyine Aluh
Daniel Ifeanyichukwu Agu
Abdulmuminu Isah
Chigozie Gloria AneneOkeke


Background: Burnout has received a lot of attention in high-income countries with awareness and intervention programs designed to cope with burnout symptoms, however, it has not received the needed attention in low-income settings such as Nigeria. The current study aims to assess the prevalence and correlates of burn out among pharmacists in varying practice in South-East Nigeria.

Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive survey was carried out among pharmacists in academic, community pharmacy, and hospital settings in Enugu State, Nigeria. The abbreviated Maslach Burnout Inventory (aMBI) tool was used to assess burnout. Descriptive statistics, Spearman's correlation, and independent sample t-tests were carried out.

Results: The overall response rate was 55.95% (n = 235). Low scores of Emotional exhaustions (Academic- 4.81 ± 3.94, community- 5.45 ± 3.96, hospital -7.19 ±4.83), Depersonalizations (Academic- 1.28 ± 2.52, community- 1.17 ± 2.03, hospital -1.36 ± 2.68) and high scores of PA (Academic- 13.74 ± 3.91, community-15.64 ± 3.07, hospital -14.25 ± 4.11). For academic pharmacists, Satisfaction with renumeration (r = -0.453, p= 0.001) was associated with burnout. Marital status (r = -0.321, p = 0.008) was associated with burnout for community pharmacists while, age (r = - 0.276, p = 0.003) was associated with burnout for Hospital pharmacists.

Conclusion: The prevalence of burnout among Pharmacists in the academic setting, community and hospital settings was low. Age, marital status, and satisfaction with remuneration were common factors associated with burn out among pharmacists. Culturally sensitive strategies to proactively develop and implement interventions to minimize pharmacist burnout are needed.

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Oyine Aluh, D. ., Ifeanyichukwu Agu, . D. ., Isah, . A. ., & Gloria AneneOkeke, C. . (2022). Prevalence and correlates of burnout among pharmacists in varying areas of practice in South East Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 56(1), 56–64 | Retrieved from
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Deborah Oyine Aluh, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management

University of Nigeria Nsukka. Enugu State. Nigeria

Daniel Ifeanyichukwu Agu, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management.

University of Nigeria Nsukka. Enugu State. Nigeria

Abdulmuminu Isah, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management.

University of Nigeria Nsukka. Enugu State. Nigeria

Chigozie Gloria AneneOkeke, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management.

University of Nigeria Nsukka. Enugu State. Nigeria


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