Antibacterial Usage in Four Service Delivery Units in Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa

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Orumwense Otakho Daniel
Bamgboye Olusegun Raymond
Osain Henry
Udoka Chinedu


Background: Antibacterial agents are one of the most widely
use drugs due to high prevalence of bacterial infections
particularly in the tropical regions. It is therefore important to
understand the pattern of their use particularly in our local
environment. This will help to minimise the emergence of
bacterial resistance in the community as well as optimising
the effectiveness of antibacterial agents. The aims of this
study are to determine the pattern of antibacterial drugs
prescription in the hospital and the indications for which the
antibacterial drugs were prescribed.
Methods: Two hundred and twenty (220) patients‘ case notes were obtained by systematic random sampling in the
General Out- Patient Department (GOPD), Peadiatric ward, Male surgical ward and Accident &Emergency (A&E) unit from
ApriI to June2013.
Results: For the treatment of in-patients, the most preferred
route of administration of antibacterial drugs was
intravenous followed by the oral route.The antibacterial class
of the cephalosporins were the most used prescribed in all
service units accounting for approximately 40% of cases
encountered followed by the nitroimidazoles,
aminoglycosides and quinolones which accounted for 19%,
14% and 9% respectively. The two antibacterial drugs
combination accounting for 42% was the most used while
four antibacterial drugs combination accounting for 6.7% was
the least used. Metronidazoie and gentamicin were the drugs
of choice used in combination with others. Metronidazole
was the most prescribed antibacterial drug.
Conclusion: Cephalosporins were the most used class of
antibacterials. For antibacterial Combination therapy,
rnetronidazole and gentamicin were most preferred. The two
antibacterial drugs combination was used in 42% of
encountered cases. The disease conditions for which
antibacterials were prescribed were found to bejustified.
Antibacterial agents, diagnosis, duration of treatment,

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